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A9 Mini Wifi Camera 1080P HD

A9 Mini Wifi Camera 1080P HD

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• Compact and Portable Design :The A9 Mini Camera is compact and portable, making it easy to carry and install anywhere you need it. Its black color adds a touch of stealth, perfect for unobtrusive surveillance.

• High Definition Video Compression :With its H.264 video compression format, this camera ensures high-quality, clear visuals every time. Capture every detail with 480P(SD) high definition.

• Wireless Connectivity :Experience the convenience of remote monitoring with WiFi connectivity. Access your footage anytime, anywhere using your preferred device and app.

• Built-in Rechargeable Battery :Never worry about power cords getting in the way. The mini camera is powered by a built-in rechargeable battery, providing you with flexibility and ease of use.

• Security and Protection Feature :Prioritize your safety and protection with this camera's security and protection feature. Keep an eye on your home or office with its indoor scene setting.

• Magnetic Installation :Installation is a breeze with its magnetic feature. No need for tools or complicated procedures, simply attach it to the desired area and you're good to go.

Product Features:

1. Easy plug and play

2. Easy multi-user view

3. Nice video connection

4. multi-user view Easily

5. realize real-time remote viewing

6. WiFi camera: Support remote viewing on iPhone/Android mobile devices

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
ALi Butt

The video quality is excellent, and the app works well.

Namara sarwar

I am so happy with the results I am paying a small amount to have the camera connected and all you need is to download the app and you can see your videos from any


I definitely recommend this camera for your pet or child. I was so pleased I ordered another one and so far it's working great too.


I am in love with this tiny camera.the videos are so clear and you can buy the SD card and have more memory save the videos and watch them over again


The cameras came early, and the quality of the video is good.

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